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6 World-Changing Reasons for staying at KURÀ Design Villas

Weeks ago, I had the privileged to stay for the first time at the most Glamorous ROMANTIC Hotel in Costa Rica according to Forbes.
KURÀ Design Villas, is a sustainable-luxury Boutique Hotel, member of Cayuga, an exclusive Hotel's Collection, proud winner of the World’s Legacy Award by National Geographic, for their admiring philosophy and projects in sustainability:

"The Cayuga Collection represents so many of the values that National Geographic holds close. Their properties are a shining example of how sustainability can be achieved with elegance and authenticity"
- Lynn Cutter, Executive Vice President, National Geographic Travel

Beyond the stunning views, luxury settings and the fantastic services, this Hotel integrates an outstanding sustainability plan that makes a very important impact in Six Key-areas:

  • KURÀ and the environment:
    • The 45 % of the energy used at KURÀ is produced by its solar panel system! The staff here keeps constantly researching for new projects and initiatives, looking to be more efficient and sustainable everyday.
    • " While we could sell more than $1 million a year in bottled water, we feel is not the right thing to do."
      Plastic bottled drinks are banned from Cayuga Collection hotels, where they instead offer metallic bottles. As well, since they introduced bamboo straws in their beverages they have avoided the use of more than 1.5 million plastic straws… ‘’ That's fantastic!

  • KURÀ and it's community:
    In order to create value, a sustainable hotel integrates the community into an authentic experience promoted for its clients.
    Cayuga Collection works together with EQUILIBRIUM, a non-profit organization that engages rural schools and communities in projects that foster environmental education. As a client in KURÀ, you can also donate or volunteering to leave a positive impact during your vacations in Paradise.
    Check out the gorgeous Boruca Mask, decorating my suite, handmade and representing Costa Rican indigenous culture and traditions.
  • KURÀ and it's Happy staff:
    Adam is the brilliant Host and the Sustainability Manager from the property.
    He told us how happy and thankful was for working for Cayuga, mentioning lots of benefits, opportunities and how his life has positively change and happier as working for KURÀ.
  • KURÀ and it's clients:
    During a rainy afternoon, Adam explained us how to prepare a delicious organic cocktail with passion fruit & peppermint to me and some other clients.
    Thomas and his wife, two guests visiting from Atlanta, told me how impressed they felt with the personalized and authentic service during their stay. They are in love with the Ecotourism experience in Costa Rica and are already planning their next vacation with their children. ‘’At the end you as a client; clearly notice and appreciate these brilliant efforts ’’
  • KURÀ and it's suppliers:
    The hotel also makes strong efforts selecting and educating responsible suppliers in Uvita community. In this way, all the ingredients they buy to prepare their sustainable gastronomy are local, seasonal, fresh and zero waste. I just also learned that this is a plastic free Hotel! That’s awesome!
  • KURÀ and its healthy Gastronomy:
    The property is integrating the ‘Farm to the Table’ concept using local ingredients from local suppliers or through its organic farm and trees. * My favorite Gastro choices you need to taste:
    - Entrée: Portobello crème (extremely good)
    - Main Course: Tropical Tuna with goat cheese salad

An Ecotourism Destination

KURÀ is a perfect place to enjoy Marino Ballena National Park, one of the world’s most important refuges for endangered humpback whales to reproduce and give birth. The best time to see humpback whales is December to March and from August to October.

Other great activities you cant miss in the area are visit Nahuyaca Waterfalls, birdwatching, diving, snorkeling, hike in Corcovado National Park, explore the mysterious Stone Spheres or visit the Bruce indigenous region.

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