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April 10, 2017
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Top Chef from Costa Rica: Randy Siles

In Costa Rica, the Gastronomic Industry and Tourism is getting stronger everyday, thanks to the effort of committed and extraordinary people and Chefs that are risking everything to offer an innovative and exquisite fine gastronomy. This is the reason why I took inspiration to start researching about the Top Chef of Costa Rica and share with the World their amazing culinary creations.

Works of art in every dish was what our dear friend and brilliant Executive Chef; Randy Siles, presented me in my lovely stay couple of months ago at Tropico Latino Hotel, in Santa Teresa area.

The official Ambassador of the Costa Rican Sustainable Gastronomy, presents on each one of his inventions, an exquisite explosion of flavors, achieved through the integration of organic and authentic ingredients of the area of Santa Teresa, offering, beyond an exotic proposal; a sustainable and healthy lifestyle to spoil the clients of this precious Boutique Hotel.

Several times per week, Randy goes for all his fresh ingredients to Hacienda Okra, a unique Costa Rican project and Farm located in Mal Pais, owned by the French Georges Lefebvre, that offers the concept: from Farm to your table, that guarantee healthy and organic cuisine.

Costa Rica's Gastronomy Ambassador

Recently, Randy has participated in prestigious shows and events as Termatalia in September 2016, the New York Travel Show in January and in the Miami Food and Wine Fest last February, where he took advantage for introducing the Costa Rican National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy, an astounding initiative from the specialist Alfredo Echeverria and the Club of Epicurean Gastronomy Club, that has been supported by the Costa Rican National Chamber of Restaurants (CACORE), the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), Unilever Solutions, INA and other important institutions, promoting integral sustainable practices for Restaurants.

In march 2017, Randy also received at Tropico Latino Hotel, a group of students from L’ Ecole des métiers de la restoration et du tourism de Montreal, where many Chef’s students from Canada studied innovative techniques about rustic cuisine as a graduation project.

Gastronomic Artisans

Randy, also runs a Foundation named Artesanos de la Gastronomia or Gastronomic Artisans, where he have guided a fantastic group of young people in Santa Teresa to develop high culinary skills.

With this group, Randy built up his wonderful team at Shambala Restaurant and prepared talented cook’s hired in another restaurants and Hotels in the area.

It fills me with pride to know that Randy is leaving the Costa Rican Flag at the top of the biggest culinary leagues in the world today, his dedication and passion are remarkable and I wish him lots of success in his brilliant and promising carreer!

Stay tuned to learn about the pioneering work of the Top Costa Rican Chefs, their fine epicurean techniques and many more Wow Experiences very soon!

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